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Fun in the classrooms & other activities

  • Mr. Spurlock is student of the day!
  • It's popcorn day!
  • Mrs. O'Dell is student for the day.
  • The Rotary Club handing out dictionaries in Mrs. Logan's class!
  • Beautiful Olga!
  • Working hard on our water cycle anchor charts with Mrs. Robinson!
  • Karina is using her reading skills.
  • Working hard
  • Dancing in music with the big cats!
  • Fun in music class!
  • Dancing with the big cats in music class!
  • Mr. Spears' class decorating their door for Red Ribbon week!
  • It's Constitution day!
  • It's Constitution day!
  • It's constitution day!
  • Keyboarding awards
  • Keyboarding awards
  • Keyboarding awards
  • The Rotary Club handing out dictionaries to Mrs. Eddings' class.
  • Mrs. Eddings' class with their dictionaries given to them by the Rotary Club.
  • Go cross country!
  • Go cross country!
  • Good luck at the spelling bee!
  • Integrating math and music
  • Waiting on the play to begin!
  • What a wonderful performance!
  • Waiting on the buses after the play!
  • Waiting to go to Eureka Springs!
  • Using science manipulatives in Mrs. O'Dell's class!
  • Researching away!
  • Using the interactive whiteboards!