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Outdoor Classroom

outdoor classroomWalker-Floyd Outdoor Learning Classroom

Dedicated in 2010, the outdoor classroom located at the Intermediate School is available for all staff at Berryville Schools to use with their students. 

The outdoor classroom was made possible through the help and hard work of many. The classroom offers many educational opportunites for teachers to use with students to enhance their curriculum. Included in the classroom are: a greenhouse, pond ecosystem, rainwater collection system, water wheel, garden beds, dig site, classroom for labs, fossil displays, human sun dial, wind turbine, solar panels, topographical maps, and a green house.  Each year, one or two teachers are appointed as the caretakers of the outdoor classroom. These teacher(s) take small groups of students to work on focused projects in the garden during the day, and some have hosted after-school programs. These teacher-led small groups are focusing on the upkeep of the                                                                                        garden and will manage and maintain the project during the school year. 

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