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8:15-8:30   Morning Message

8:30-9:20   Activity

9:20-10:34   Math (Bell)

10:34-11:48  Science (O'Dell)

11:48-12:45   LUNCH/RECESS

12:45-1:59   Social Studies/ Everyday Editing (Cole)

1:59-3:15    Literacy/Wrap Up! (Sharp)

**Daily Homework: Each 5th grade student will have a minimum of 20 min. of homework Monday-Thursday. Homework will be assigned each Monday. (10 min. Reading, 5 min. Math Facts, 5 min. Cursive Writing)

Mrs. Sharp's weekly "Life Rules" (will be presented and discussed during Morning Message)

-Each week a new "Life Rule" will be introduced. These rules are adapted from Ron Clark's "The Essential 55"

August 17-21: RULE #1: "WE ARE FAMILY!"     Being a family Is full  of responsibilities. We all care for, look out for, and stick up for each other. I care for you; you care for me. We will all work together to help this class be the best it can be.

August 24-28: RULE #2  "Make eye contact"  When you are speaking to someone, look them in the eye.  It shows respect, confidence, and attentiveness.

August 30-Sep 3: "Win with class, lose with dignity"  If you win at something, do not boast or brag. If you lose, do not make excuses or complain. If you want to win, work harder next time. No rewards or trophies will be given for "just showing up."


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